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Phoenix Ortho

Fax Port

This form is used to request the port of a fax number to Phoenix Fax powered by Concord.


The form below should be used to request a fax number port to Phoenix Ortho Fax powered by Concord.

If requesting multiple numbers be ported the form must be filled out in full for each number.

Alternatively for multiple number requests, if the demographic and billing data for the numbers in question is identical a case may be submitted directly to

The case must include the following information:

  • First and Last name as well as phone and email of someone authorized by the company to request the port
  • The number to be ported
  • The billing telephone number
    • This is the primary billing number for the number being ported. This is typically the main number of the office and can typically found on the phone bill that has the number being ported on it. Sometimes the number being ported is on it's own bill. In that case the billing number is the same as the number being ported
  • The service address
    • This is the full service address of the number being ported. It should match the current provider's phone bill.


Important Information regarding timing

The port out request gets submitted to the current TN (Telephone number) carrier by Concord and Concord picks the first available date, which is usually a week out.

Concord can schedule for any date after that, anything sooner will need to be an expedite with a $120 fee. 

Concord encourages our customers to send the port request with plenty of time in case any rejections coming from the current carrier, at least 2 weeks. 

You can also request the port date/time, Concord will confirm with you if this date is available, Concord can port anytime between 6AM to 3PM PST.

Any additional information can be added on the email request to Concord along with the LOA, the requested date is not a required field on the LOA.  

Port Request Form:

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