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Phoenix Ortho

Speciality Training Sessions for EHR Go Live

Remote Sessions: Approximately 30 to 45 minutes 

Each topic below is a separate remote session that will be offered after the first 7 steps are completed. These sessions should include the Super Users and Admin Users with additional users as needed.

Step One

Decide with your Project Manager and EHR Committee which topics your clinic needs and schedule training's that are appropriate for your clinic.  Starred are required*

eRX and Medication List*

You will learn how to make a "Quick List" for each Providers most frequently ordered medication, which will make it easier for documentation in the chart and sending to Dr First.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Clinical users responsible for Rx orders. Must have completed Clinical Workflow Session. Link: Session 4 - Clinical Workflowhttps
PREPARATION: Bring list of Provider’s frequent medications and details for strength, dose, frequency, etc.


Making Injection preferences allows the Provider 1 click documentation of frequently injected medications and links it to the CPT code on the billing sheet. 

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Clinical users responsible for preparing patient injections.
PREPARATION: Bring a list of the Provider’s most frequently used injections, per body site with medications and number of units.



Basics for mapping any ICD-10 codes not already delivered in the starter package. Demonstration on how to customize each Provider’s view of their frequently used codes in the Charge Ticket. Demonstration on how-to search and choose an ID-10 code inside of the Charge Ticket.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Billing/Coding and key support resource for Provider
PREPARATION: Bring each Provider’s list of most frequently ordered ICD-10s per body part (typically gathered by running a report in current PM system).
There are multiple articles and webinars in our help site.


PACS/XMR, Worklist, and Viewer Training

You will learn how to order, view and customize this area to the Providers liking.  Importing and Exporting of images and Viewer manipulation will be demonstrated.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Xray Technicians, Billing/Coding Resource
PREPARATION: Bring list of each Provider’s most frequently used Xray orders per body part, with CPT code, please watch the training videos on the help site

Surgery Orders*

Basics for entering surgery order and saving preferences. We will talk about workflow and how the clinical staff can use created preferences to be tasked to surgical scheduler.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Surgery Scheduler/Pre-Cert, Billing/Coding Resource
PREPARATION: Bring 1 or 2 of Provider’s most frequently ordered surgeries. Please watch Link: How To Create Surgery Preferences

Medical Records

Basics of the patient chart, scanning, faxing, printing records.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Medical Records users
PREPARATION: Bring 1 patient’s current paper chart if moving from paper.

INFO COVERED: Basics of the patient chart, scanning, faxing, printing records.

Billing Charge Passing*

Basics for Charge Ticket development in the POEHR and Charge Passing. If you purchased our PM the OPS trainer will be on this training. We will explain the different choices for the provider, for example Save, Submit, and Queue.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Billing/Collection/Coding Department, OPS Trainer if applicable
PREPARATION: Bring current Fee/Billing/Routing/Encounter slip and watch Link: Charge Submission to the PM 

There are many articles and webinars on this subject in our help site.

Scribe and Transcriptions Use in POEHR

Whether you are using Dragon, Scribes, or a Transcriptions service, we will go over how to document in the patients chart.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, Scribes, Transcription
PREPARATION: Watch the remote training videos at  Link: Remote_Training

Use of Scribe and Transcription: Specialty Training
Attend Session 4 and 5 with Clinical Users.
Session 3 - Nonclinical Workflow
Session 4 - Clinical Workflow
Session 5 - Provider Workflow Using Preferences

Bring examples of any templates currently in use by the Provider.


EHR Workflow

Basics department workflow to merge with POEHR Best Practices.  Question and Answers with Department leads and if you purchased our PM, they will be on the training.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads
PREPARATION: Watch Sessions 3,4,5. Bring current office workflow.


Quick Orders

Orders can be linked together to go with a Follow up note or just to link cast padding, application of a cast and fiberglass together.  We will go over how Quick Orders can make documentation and charging into one click.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, Cast Techs, Clinical Lead
PREPARATION: Bring casting codes that go together when putting on casts, and any other procedure you might link more then one code together for. Please watch:



Basics for running appropriate reports and collection of denominator/numerator count and clinical workflow. This is just a starter training to help you understand the basics.  After you decide what you are going to attest for in depth trainings will be offered. 

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Compliance Officer, Current Attestation Resource, Clinical Resource
PREPARATION: Bring 2016 PQRS objectives you followed

There are multiple webinars and articles in our help site on this subject.


PDF Training 3-5 sessions delivered post Go Live

Basics to make a pdf and map to Phoenix Ortho EHR. We will put one PDF into the system ( usually WC) and you will see how it works.  After you use the notes in the system and experience everything that Phoenix has to offer, you may want to create some specific PDF's.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, department leads, Adobe PDF Maker software and user
PREPARATION: Current pdfs in use. Watch: and part 2

Efaxing Incoming and Outgoing with Concord Fax

If you have purchased our Incoming or Outgoing efaxing we will go over how the programs work together.

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, Medical Records

Direct Account with Max MD

This is a mandatory account needed for attesting to Meaningful Use.  You will have the ability to send and receive medical records from other Clinics, Facilities or Hospitals using a direct account. .  This is a requirement to meet Objective 8 of the Modified Stage 2 Rules.  

PARTICIPANTS: Super Users, Medical Records,