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Phoenix Ortho

Saving Articles As PDFs


This tutorial explains how to create and save PDF versions of articles from the Phoenix Ortho help website. Creating PDFs is helpful if you wish to: 

  • Print articles
  • Access articles when you don't have an internet connection; e.g., on an airplane or in a data center 

Exporting Articles 

You have two options when creating PDFs from the Phoenix Ortho help website:

  • Select a single article to export to PDF
  • Select multiple articles to create a PDF "book"

Exporting A Single Article 

Exporting a single article allows you to create an optimized PDF that accurately reproduces the formatting and style of the original web content. To create a PDF of a single article: 

  1. Navigate to the article you wish to export 
  2. In the toolbar on the right, select the Save as PDF icon 

  1. Choose Click here to download the exported PDF 
    The article opens as a PDF in a new tab or window 
  2. Use your web browser to save or download the PDF 

Exporting Multiple Articles To Create A Book

Exporting multiple articles allows you to create a customized manual by choosing only the articles that matter to you. To create a PDF book: 

  1. Navigate to the first article you wish to include in the book.
  2. In the toolbar on the right, select the Save as PDF icon.
  3. Choose Click here to create a book containing this page. 
    The Book Editor page opens in a new tab or window.
  4. Locate and select another page.
  5. Click Add Page to add the page to the current book. If you wish to add an entire file tree, select a folder and choose Add Tree instead of Add Page.
  6. (Optional) Click the red x to remove a page from the current book.
  7. Click View Book when you finish adding pages to the book. 
    Your book appears as a PDF in a new tab or window.
  8. Use your web browser to save or download the PDF book.
Sending A Book 
A URL for your book is provided toward the bottom of the Book Editor page. You can use this Book Editor URL to: 
  • Send your book to others 
  • Modify your book in the future
  • Ensure the most current versions of articles are included when the book is accessed


  • If you are having trouble viewing or downloading large books, split the book into several smaller books.
  • Every effort is made to ensure all page features and formatting appear correctly in PDF form. However, some items such as tables, table of contents, user guide tabs, and other features may not look or function the same way in a PDF as they do on the website.