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Writing X-ray Studies to a CD (Quick Guide)


This is a quick guide on how to Write X-ray Studies to Media using Phoenix Viewer


Upon completion of this article, you will be able to write study images to media (CD, DVD, or Blue-Ray)

Navigate to the patient's chart

Search for your patient.

Double-Click on patient to launch

Click on x-ray button on top banner to access the x-ray area

Open up Phoenix Viewer

If you are only opening one study you can double-click on any of the thumbnails for the study you are interested to launch the viewer.

If you are opening up more than one study click on the checkboxes next to each and then click on the DCM button to launch the viewer.

Open Up CD Writing Utility

The phoenix viewer will open.  Choose the CD burning icon, the second one from the right to open up the CD burning utility.

  •   Verify that the studies you intend to burn are shown in the Selected Studies box (area #1).  If they are not all listed you can click on the Fetch Prior Study button and choose additional studies to add from the patient's chart.
  • Insert a blank CD or DVD
  • If the white box next to Select Media is blank, click on the drop-down and choose your CD/DVD burner.
  • When a blank CD is detected the box under Idle will change to:

  • Click on the Burn Media button (area #3)
  • When the CD burning operation is completed you will receive a message saying CD burning is successful.
  • Your CD will automatically pop-out of the drive


If no blank media was detected you will receive a message saying:

At this point insert another CD and/or press the black re-detect button to the left of the Format Media button.

For full documentation on our CD Writer please click here.