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Phoenix Ortho

OMR Workstation Preparation and Troubleshooting


As of June 30, 2019 the OMR feature of Phoenix Ortho is no longer supported. The support team cannot assist with OMR issues.

Click here to see the original announcement. 


How to setup a workstation for OMR Pre Requisites and review for troubleshooting purposes. IT will need to have the follow done prior to OMR testing for the OMR workstations. 


After completing this how-to you will have the workstation ready to test OMR.

First Step

Install Phoenix and make sure Phoenix is accessible and opens

Second Step

Disable UAC and restart pc.

Third step

Give full modify control to each domain group and or user listed under security under the Phoenix Folder located in Program Files(X86).  


Fourth Step

Make sure scanner is installed and proper drivers are installed (no 64 bit scan drivers Install 32 bit)  

Sixth Step

 Select the scanner at the drop down, mark the show settings button and make sure that the scanning resolution is 200x200 black and white and drop out green. 



Most of the OMR problems our support team have seen are caused by outdated scanner drivers, forms printed with low quality ( or low toner) or many times a simple reinstall of Phoenix Ortho fixes the most common OMR errors. Also as a good practice we recommend cleaning the scanner lens at least once a month.