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Phoenix Ortho

Security Access to Roles

Security Descriptions>Roles>System Administration

  1. Administration Access:   Access to System Administration in Tools.
  2. Visit Management Access:  Access to Tasks and Orders in the Visit Console.
  3. Clinical Access:  Access to all clinical areas including: HPI, Exam, Injection, X-ray, Plan, DX, Fracture Care, Surgery Schedule, Orders and Tasking.
  4. Document Access: A separate permission and add the following individually
  5. a. Document View: Allows for “read only” of the generated documents in the History Tree.
  6. b. Document Modify: Allows for editing, generation of documents while they are unlocked in the History Tree.
  7. RX Access:  Access to Prescription.
  8. Patient DemographicsAccess to Demographics and Patient History
  9. File Maintenance:  Access to File Maintenance in Tools.
  10. Imaging Access:  Not a permission only the following are added:
  11. a. Image Add:  Ability to add images to the image tree.  
  12. b. Image Modify:  Ability to delete or rename images or folders in the image tree.
  13. Alerts:  User can see Pop Up alerts when opening patient chart or certain screens.
  14. Delete History:  Only for Admin usage, enables admin user to delete most items from the History Tree. 
  15. Patient Privacy Access: Access to a patients chart that has be locked down for Privacy. A patient's chart can be locked down on the Patient Demographics Screen by the provider.


Allows the Administration User to provide access to areas of the patient chart to designated user roles.

What are the benefits of this feature?

To provide appropriate access to areas of the patient chart based on need to know/use.  

To provide ability to add/delete/modify documents in the History and Image Tree based on user role.

When to use this feature?

Use during System Administration initial user set up on the original installation and when adding users after initial installation.  The System Admininstration user has the ability to add roles and specific security access to those roles.