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Creating Quick Orders in the Follow Up Exam


When you create a Quick Order you will be able to "One Click" your way to a complete note and charge ticket entry.


After completing this "how to" you will be able to create a completed follow up appointment charge, order and documented chart note all done in the follow up exam tab.

Add codes in File Maintenance for use in the Quick Order.

Make sure you enter them with the type in OPX, the specific body part and the correct provider and make them billable.

Order Wizard

Go into the Order Wizard and find the CPT codes with procedure you just entered and right click on them to populate them onto the right side of the Order wizard screen.

Then put a check mark in the orders that go together and create a preference.


Create/ save your preference.

Follow Up Exam 

Next go into the follow up exam and drop your preferenced note into the document. Make sure you saved your preference with the right E&M code if that is what you want. Some procedures you can not charge an office visit with so check your office policy.

Then at the bottom of the screen you will see QUICK ORDERS. When you click on the blue arrow on the right side, your preference will be in the drop down. Click on it and it will populate the area at the bottom of the screen and go on the charge ticket.

Charge Ticket

You will then be able to look into the charge ticket and see your codes on the charge ticket for todays visit.

E/M Code (Office Visit Code)


Option to add the E/M code to the Follow Up Exam Preference or manually enter it in the screen, or enter in Code Check.  Check your office policy on adding an office visit to an injection procedure. 

What's Next:

Quick Orders are most helpful when the procedures you are performing are not captured on other screens inside of Phoenix.