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XMR For the Providers Staff


This is a step by step training, from launching an image series on the x-ray screen, to setting up an MRI for the provider to view inside the XMR Viewer.


After completing this how-to you will have the ability to launch the images the providers want to view, adjust the contrast, change between views, enlarge, scroll and more.

Getting Started

Start in the X-ray screen


Launch your patient and click on the x-ray tab on the providers workflow row.

Check studies

Next, you will place a check mark in any study you want to launch in the viewer and click on the DCM tab.

Launch the Viewer

When the viewer opens it will have the images stacked that were checked in the x-ray screen.


Click on the show thumbnails tab, 3rd tab on the left, and pin them to the top of the viewer by clicking the thumb tack on the right side of screen.

Choosing the series

Next you can choose the thumbnails from the thumbnail panel and drag the desired display set into an image box.

Changing the Layout

You can layout your viewer by using the layout manager in 2 ways, either by clicking on the drop down arrow  and hovering over the tiles or by choosing the rows and columns by clicking on the Layout Manager.

Changing what is Displayed


You will then be able to click and drag any image from the thumbnails displayed that you want to view into the viewer. Your tools will manipulate the image that is highlighted.  You may change the size of the thumbnail area or the viewer area by hovering with your mouse over the boarders until you get an arrow, then simply dragging to the size you like.

Regular Tools


Regular tools are those tools that, when pressed, immediately operate on the selected display set. Rotate, Flip or Invert are examples of such tools. To use regular tools, click on the desired toolbar button, click on the display set of interest and use the tool as described below.

1.  Undo                        

2.  Redo

3.  Show Thumbnails

4.  Layout Manager

5.  Show Hide Overlays

6.  Stack

7.  Window Level

8.   Pan

9.  Zoom

10.  Rectangular Zoom

11.  Ruler

12.  Flip Horizontally

13.  Cine

14.  Open Selection with MPR

15.  Invert

16.  Free Hand Drawing

17.  Synchronized Stacking

18.  Export Study

19.  Image Stitching

These tools are described in depth in the "Toolbar Tabs Explained" area of XMR Provider Training Manual. Click on this link and click #7 in the table of contents.