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MIPS 2017 Part 1 Prepare: What to do Now


This How To is used in conjunction with the Webinar located at this link.MIPS 2017 Part 1 of 3 Prepare April 20, 2017 Webinar 

This article supports the Webinar and explains how to complete Patient Demographic entries of Race, Ethnicity and Language to accurately calculate on the Eligible Clinician's MIPS reporting for 2017. This reporting may change periodically throughout the reporting year due to CMS updates. These updates may affect the totals for Denominator and Numerator. Always update to the current version of Phoenix Ortho EHR when there is a release.  


Maintain the Picklist for Demographic selection choices in an accurate and current manner.

Enable CMS identified successful entries for Race and Ethnicity.  

Entries for Language are open entries and are kept to a minimum of choices.  

*Note: you do not have to delete an entry in File Maintenance.  It is acceptable to leave those outdated picklist options. Simply add those selections that are new. Some selections are "hard coded". New messages from the Practice Management software will override your patient's selections if those selections are in the Demographics Picklist. You must be on 4.00.170 or higher for 2017 reporting.  Phoenix Ortho updates reports periodically throughout the year based on CMS updates.  Make sure your software is the most current version. 

CMS Source

Stay up to date on CMS requirements by using the Phoenix Ortho Helpsite links to CMS.  CMS is the standard for information on MACRA/MIPS/QPP programs, updates and requirement.  CMS may issue updates periodically throughout the year that affect the entire year's reporting.  

Use these links for 2017 Demographic Requirements. Advancing Care Information     Quality  

File Maintenance>Picklist>Demographics


Demographic Messages interfaced with the Practice Management Software

Use these links for 2017 Demographic Requirements. Advancing Care Information     Quality  

If your Practice Management Software (PM) can send the Race, Ethnicity and Language message, verify Phoenix Ortho EHR (POEHR) can receive it.  If you are not sure, submit case to Phoenix Ortho Support  using: 

Determine if your current PM is collecting Demographic Data for Race, Ethnicity and Language. 

Yes, the PM collects the data and we are using it

Start to update patient demographic information to include those choices available for segregated data reporting. 

Verify with your PM if they are updating the software to include only those on the CMS list.

Verify in Phoenix Ortho EHR (POEHR) you are receiving updated demographic information from the practice management software for the patient.

Yes, the PM can collect the data but we aren't using it

The PM has entry demographic fields for race, ethnicity and language.  

Your users are not collecting that information from your patients. 

Determine if the PM is sending the Demographic Data to POEHR.

Demographic Messages not Interfaced with the PM

No, the the PM does not collect the data

Update patient demographic information in File Maintenance>Picklists>Demographics. 

Ask Support to enable user entry in the message area of Race, Ethnicity, Language inside Phoenix Ortho Demographics

You will manually enter and save the information to the patient.

Update File Maintenance

Tools > File Maintenance > Picklist > Demographics > Race

Update Language, Ethnicity

Add selections not currently listed there to match QPP list and the PM list using the links at the beginning of this article. 

You can leave the current picklist items there, just add those that are new. 

Patient Interaction

To reduce confusion at the front desk, provide the patient with a sheet to select Race, Ethnicity and Language.  

Update patient information in your PM or POEHR as appropriate for your HL7 interface.

When saved to the patient in the PM, verify the update message is correct on the patient demographics in POEHR.  

No interface:  manually enter the patient information. 

What's Next

Use the Data Portal under Tools to run a patient report for Race and Ethnicity.  Select the "Patient" table with the Available Columns of Patient Name (maybe DOB), Ethnicity and Race. You can also select the "Provider" table and available column of "Last Name".  Order by Provider name and by Patient name.  Download into an excel spreadsheet and use excel tools to sort and filter.  Click on these links to get more information.  

Data Portal Use - Webinar Jan 15, 2016  

How to Export a Data Portal Report as an Excel File 

Schedule a training session, lunch and learn or workshop to update all users as to why and how this is going to be implemented.  

Circulate the CMS qualified selections for Race and Ethnicity to staff for their reference.

Develop a handout for the patient to complete the updated information.

Assign the task of inputting the updated information in the appropriate software.

Enroll in the QPP Listserve to receive CMS updated information.