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Efax Log


This article explains how to view the efax log.  


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge and ability to review the efax Audit Log.  

Creating the efax Report

Select Tools > System Administration


Select the App Log tab


Select the drop-down arrow beside Open > Select Efax Log


Select the User drop-down arrow to select either a single user or All Users


Select the From drop-down arrow to select the begin date


Select the To drop-down arrow to select the end date


Select the Refresh button to select the activity for the user(s) for the date span


Each header column can be sorted in this area

  1. Recipient: Indicates the person/location the document was sent to

  2. Recipient Fax: Indicates recipient fax number

  3. Patient: Indicates the patient whose chart was accessed

  4. Date: Indicates the date and time the fax was sent

  5. Status: Indicates that the document was either sent or failed

  6. Error: indicates the error if document transmission fails

  7. Document Name: indicates the patient’s name and patient ID number

  8. Document Type: indicates which type of document was transmitted

NOTE: User ID indicates which user transmitted the documen

Troubleshooting Efax Log

Some of the reasons that an e-fax fails might be the way it is set up in FM, maybe the user is not set up, maybe the document that the user is trying to fax has not been generated, if the document is open on somebody’s desktop, the document won’t send.

This is one example of what a failed transmission looks like. If you see an error on the Efax log within Phoenix, your administrative user can log into your Efax Developer account for additional, more specific information at

How to Edit the Efax Cover Sheet

Tools > System Administration


Select Defaults tab


Select Edit Fax Disclaimer

This is the default Fax Disclaimer. The Fax Disclaimer will populate onto the user's screen. Your clinic logo and contact information can be edited just like any other Word document and customized with your clinic information.

Save and close

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