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Advanced Chart Prep


This session will demonstrate how to prep a day's worth of patient charts in advance.


After completing this how-to you will be able to successfully prep a day's worth of patient charts in advance enabling a busy clinic day to run efficiently  from the front desk check-in thru the clinical visit.

Watch the Recorded Webinar about Chart Prep


Open the clinic schedule from the Practice Management (PM) system to compare the appointments

Log into Phoenix Ortho Electronic Health Record (EHR)


Navigate to the Visit Management Screen


  • Compare appointments, any missing appointments, notify your administrator or supervisor as soon as possible

    • Contact Phoenix Ortho Support via or

    • Call Support line to report these patients.  Phoenix Ortho Support needs enough advanced time to trigger these appointment messages to come across

Basic Prep:  Visit

Navigate to the Visit Management Screen


Filter options by location, provider, and date


Locate patients that need to fill out an OMR form or other clinic forms






  • Review the reason for the visit
  • Highlight the patient to check the "last visit date" to the right of "Location" (will either show the words 'Last Visit' if none, or the patient's last EHR visit date)
  • If no prior visit date or there is an envelope next to the patient name, print OMR (the envelope signifies the patient has received an email notice to complete the History online, but has not completed it and the OMR form is still needed.
    •  With patient still highlighted on the Visit Management Screen, select the "Print Forms" from the top row of the Visit Management Screen (Four pages should print out when printing the OMR form)
  • If a "clock" is present on the left, the patient has completed the History on the patient port.  No OMR form is needed.  history_clock.png
  • Prepare other forms as required by your provider or office
  • Communicate what has been done in regards to chart prep to other employees 
    • One method inside of Phoenix Ortho is to utilize the Pod area with preset messages (i.e. OMR printed)
  • Keep all four OMR pages and other forms sorted.  Sort by appointment time, alphabetical, or another appropriate method.  (DO NOT separate the four OMR form pages)

Detailed Prep:  Additional prep as per your office workflow

  • Launch Patient to review chart
    • Select Launch button from the Visit Management Screen to launch the patient's chart inside of the Phoenix Ortho EHR
      • Click OK to the pop-up indicating you are viewing a future date


  • Click on the Patient Demographics icon (adjacent to the patient name on the left-hand side of the screen)


  • Check thru all of the patient demographics to make sure they came across correctly from the PM system


  • If some are missing, make a note of what the patient needs to finish at the time of check-in (this information must then be entered into the PM system and will subsequently be pulled into Phoenix Ortho via the interface)  Many offices add a note in the PM appointment alert field for the front desk's attention
  • If the information already exists in the PM system, but is not in Phoenix Ortho, contact your Phoenix Ortho office administrator to report the issue
  • For returning patients, check the Visit Summary for previous visit Plan
    • Highlight the previous visit date node in the History Tree
    • Review orders in the History Tree


  • Review Visit Summary Plan


  • Make sure all referral notes, ER reports, diagnostic study reports, prior authorizations, etc... are scanned into the Image Tree in the patient's chart