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Phoenix Ortho

Using Instructions in Phoenix X-Ray Form


Xray Instructions are accessed by clicking on the Instruction Field for one time instructions on the fly or recurring messages options.  Closing the Xray instruction pop up saves the instruction to selected row.  Save Xray Order Screen sends message to Work List. 


After completing this how-to the provider will have the ability to add instructions to the Xray order for the Technologist or send to the Technologist's Work List.  

Add Xray Order Instructions

Open Xray Order>Select Xray View>

3 Click on Instruction Box

4 Type in on the fly or 

5 Select drop down for recurring message saved in File Maintenance

6 X to close

7 Save to send message for Technologist to view or to send to Work List

File Maintenance: Recurring Message

1 From Workflow Row: Open Tools

2 Select File Maintenance

1 Open plus sign on Pick List

2 Open plus sign on Xray

3 Click on Xray Order Instructions

4 Type in List item

5 Select body part from drop down options

6 Add Update to save to Instruction Box drop down option for recurring instruction

What's Next

Xray Form order message instructions will not save to the document when generated, only visible on the Xray Form and Work List. Benefit is to provide Technologist with additional information provider can convey to Technologist regarding positioning or area of particular concern, etc.