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Phoenix Ortho

Stand-alone IIS System Guidelines

Describes general guidelines for setting up a server dedicated to IIS. Several Phoenix Ortho functions use IIS besides the patient portal, such as document generation, code lookup, and patient kiosk.


Since IIS is a feature of Windows Server, the configuration will start off by following the Microsoft Server 2016 System Requirements:

Note: Phoenix Ortho requires the use of the desktop experience for support purposes.


Because each clinic will have unique requirements for the resource utilization of IIS we can only offer a general starting point. The following RAM and CPU guidelines will get your clinic started but may need to be slightly adjusted as your usage normalizes. In planning your deployment please make sure that your configuration can accommodate adding or reducing resources if needed. 


Besides the RAM needed for the OS an additional 4 GB of RAM should be added for the Phoenix Ortho web applications that will be running in IIS. 


The processor used for the OS will be sufficient. Keep in mind that a larger processor cache can improve performance. Consider supplying 2 cores in a VM environment. 


Provide an additional 2GB of storage for Phoenix Ortho Assets