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Phoenix Ortho

Phoenix Ortho Cloud


Phoenix Ortho can be cloud hosted to mitigate the need to self-host or locally house servers by customers. Cloud hosting provides benefits like increased security, reliability, and accessibility.

Phoenix Ortho Cloud is HIPPA Compliant and Secure

Phoenix Ortho Cloud May Include the Following

Each configuration is customized to theOp customers needs and may vary from clinic to clinic. 

  • All required Server OS and Client Access Licenses 
  • Phoenix Ortho EHR/XMR Software and Licenses
  • Terminal Servers 
  • SQL Servers 
  • Domain Controllers  
  • 200 GB SAN Storage per Physician 
  • Unlimited Printers Support 
  • Tape Backups and Off Site Storage 
  • Dedicated VPN to Client's Site - one per customer 
  • Anytime Remote Access
  • RemoteScan License
  • Each physician license includes access for up to 5 support staff


For voice recognition within the cloud environment, a cloud-based solution must be used such as Dragon Medical One or M*Modal.

NOTE: Phoenix Ortho does not sell, support or train voice recognition products. Our trainers may show basic usage in a Phoenix Ortho context but for advanced training seek the assistance of a voice recognition consultant.

Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

0.5 Mbps per consecutive RDS user up to 40 users, then 0.25 Mbps per user, minimum 10Mbps for any site.

For 100 users, (0.5mbps x 40 users) + (0.25mbps x 60 users) = 55Mbps for RDS traffic.  In this example, we recommend a minimum of 100Mbps. The additional 45Mbps provides a cushion. 

Recommendations for Offices with Unstable Connections

We recommend redundant internet connections with fail-over in cases where a clinic has a spotty or unstable internet connection.

Hosting and Tier 2 & 3 Support are with Netgain Hosting