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Changing Provider of Record

Phoenix Ortho’s best practice is to have the patient scheduled in the Practice Management system under the provider that is going to be treating the patient that day.



After completing this how-to you will have ...

First Step

To change providers of record

Left click on the providers name in the visit console to highlight and then right click and click on Set Visit Provider.


Second Step

 A pop up box will appear and you will select the provider of record. Hit select.

Third Step

 A pop up box will appear and you will select the provider of record. Hit select.


Forth Step

Moving content after changing providers (Remember, not best practices).

After you have changed providers by following the above steps, and you have documentation in the chart you will need to click and drag it into the folder of the new provider, but you may lose content! Remember change providers before any notes have been generated, or you must delete and recreate. 


Caution: The History will never move directly under a provider folder.  It will always be outside the folder and cannot be moved.  Do not try to drag it as this will cause numerous errors with the patient chart. 

Simply click and drag the information that you have started in the visit under the first provider to the new provider and you will see this prompt, click OK. 


I would suggest you go into the HPI if it has been created and use the control C and copy the data in case it is lost in transfer, then use control v to paste it in under the new provider.

Never try to move a note that was generated, just delete the note if it was created already and recreate it under the new provider.

To do that just right click on the note (you must have Administrative roles, see Training Video: “Administrator User” Rights, Roles and Functionality from December 1) and delete.


The x-rays (if linked to your PACS) physical exam, PT order and orders under Order Wizard do not drag and drop.  Again, watch the video “Admin User” from Dec 1.


If you choose to change the provider of record you MUST do it before any of the above have been ordered or generated.


Do not leave any of the information outside of the provider folder (except the history) or it will not be on the note.


See how the PT order is not under the Provider’s folder





This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.