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Upgrade ConnectEHR

Instructions (Open a PowerShell console as Administrator.  You'll need it.) 


  1. Verify the CEHR version installed.  Run PowerShell line: 


Get-Content -Path C:\inetpub\ConnectEHR\Revision.txt 


It should return the version installed. 


ConnectEHR  Share  View  This PC Local Disk inetpub  Ma me  Conn ectEHR  v Search ConnectEHR  Favo rites  Desktop  Recent laces  File Edit Format  11794  Date modified  8/16/2019644  8/16/2019 PM  8/16/2019 PM  Type  ASPX  ASPK File  ASPX File  View  Re gist er Patient.aspx  ResourcesForPortaI,aspx  ReviewStatus.aspx  Help  ReviSiOn.tXt - 'Notepad



  1. To perform the upgrade do the following stop the ConnectEHR Agent service and the CEHR websites by executing: 




  1. Extract the CEHR installer into a folder and run the installer as Administrator.  Click "Next" in the wizard screens… this step is pretty much straight forward. 




Once the installer ends, run ./Start-ServiceAndWebsites.ps1 




  1. Change the default ports in these shortcuts at the desktop to 448, 44383, 449, respectively.  You have to right click and modify the info.  If you are not allowed to save, make a copy of the shortcut and update. 


  • ConnectEHR: 448 

  • CQMSolution: 44383 

  • ConnectEHR Patient Portal: 449 


Machine generated alternative text:



  1. Update ConnectEHR DB. 

    • Read (Modify) SP  ConnectEHR.dbo._version, note where it is highlighted then run the missing SQL scripts in the download folder, for example: C:\Users\PHXAdmin.ORTHO\Downloads\ConnectEHR Enterprise 2019-08-16 r11794\Resources\Database Update Scripts 

    • DON’T RUN the ones that starts with "ONLY_XXX".  Just Run CEHR Updates from the version number got above and forward. 

    • In SQL you can run the below lines to get the version: 

      use ConnectEHR 

      exec sp_helpText _Version 

      Machine generated alternative text:
I S use ConnectEHR 
exec sp_heIpText _Versåon 
100 % 
Results Messages 
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].æversion] 
select 'I IS.Od14' as ConhectEHRDatabeseVersion 

    • In the case of the screenshot above, there's no need to run anything since it's in the latest version, however, if the "previous version is something like" then you have to execute all the scripts from "CEHR Update to" and so on… 

Machine generated alternative text:



5. Run new SP's ( ) 


Machine generated alternative text: