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Blank Body Part in Follow up Exam


This article is to help you troubleshoot a blank body follow up exam.



After completing the troubleshooting steps, you will fix the load error (which is the body part not showing in the follow up exam)

First Step

Begin by finding out if it is just one body part not displaying and if its one happening on the server. If it's happening on the server then we know it would happen on any pc that selects that particular body part and or provider, (if its provider related) Rule that out as well. 

Second Step

Then continue with going to SQL and running this script--- select * from OD_Lab_Pref where Type is null if you have results back with any null run this script to resolve. --update OD_Lab_Pref set Type = '' where Type is null. If for some reason no results came back under od_lab_pre look under od_postOp_Pref where type is null and look there for a null value. This is a loading error, one of these tables u

What's Next

Once you have found the nulls, go back to a follow up exam your missing body part now will show properly.