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Phoenix Ortho

Navigating & Searching The Phoenix Ortho Help Site


The Phoenix Ortho help site is your single source for information about Phoenix Ortho services. This site has a comprehensive collection of up-to-date resources to help you get the most out of your Phoenix Ortho services, including tutorials, reference guides, and troubleshooting solutions for new users and experienced administrators alike. 

This article explains how to use the support site, including:

  • How to navigate the site hierarchy
  • Search and filtering options
  • Additional resources and page features

Site Organization & Navigation

The help site is split into the following help guides:

  • EHR - contains information on using Phoenix Ortho's Electronic Health Records (the industry's only complete, orthopaedic-exclusive suite of products integrating EHR, PACS and Practice Management software) from set up to advanced user tutorials.
  • PACS - contains information on the use, configuration and setup of Phoenix Ortho XMR, Phoenix Ortho's EHR integrated PACS system. 
  • PM - contains information on Phoenix Ortho PM powered by Open Practice Solutions.
  • New Clinic On-Boarding - if your clinic is new to the Phoenix Ortho family, start here.
  • Meaningful Use - information and help regarding Meaningful Use in the context of Phoenix Ortho EHR. 

Each help guide contains more detailed help categories. For example, the Using EHR help guide contains help categories for Setup and Configuration, FAQs, General, Version Release Notes, etc., specific to the Phoenix Ortho EHR.

To view help categories within a specific guide, select one of the three guides on the home page. To search the entire site, enter a term in the search bar.

Phoenix Help Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.05.28 PM.jpg

Help Categories Within A Guide

After selecting a help guide (Using EHR in this example), you can find information within the guide by:

  • Entering a term in the search bar.
  • Selecting one of the large category icons.
  • Using the navigation bar at the top of the screen to select help categories or specific articles under the folder icon (see below)
    • (Expand/collapse global hierarchy, also helpful as sitemap).

Phoenix Help EHR screenshot.jpg


Search results vary depending on the page you choose to enter a search term:

  • To search the entire site, enter a search term on the home page. 
  • To search within a specific help guide, enter a search term on that guide page.
(*Tip*) Search From Anywhere
You can also search from within any article. Use the search bar on the right to search the entire support site.


The image below is an example of searching the entire site for the term "FDA." 

  • To filter the results to a single help guide, select a help guide filter icon on the top of the page. For example, select PACS to view only PACS results.
  • To further filter search results, select a specific help category (for example, FAQ) to view results within that category.
  • To view additional results, select Show More Results​. 

Phoenix Help Screen Shot 2 faded end.jpg

(*Tip*) Duplicate Search Results
If you see what look like duplicate articles in your search results, it is usually because your search returned articles with the same title from multiple help guides or categories. For example, a search for "setup" returns separate articles from the EHR,  and New Clinic On-boarding help guides. To filter the search results, select the icon for a specific help guide or category.

Page Features

In addition to the article content, each page contains many other helpful features: 

Item Description
a Navigation Bar and Breadcrumb Select a heading to expand available options for moving through help guides, categories, and articles. Indicates where you are in the site hierarchy.
b Table of Contents Lists the material covered in the article. Click the triangle (where applicable) to expand/collapse additional headings. Click any heading to go directly to that section of the article.
c Search Enter a term to search the entire support site.
d Save as PDF

Convert this article to a PDF to print or view offline.

e Related Articles

Displays links to additional articles on the support site that relate to the current article.